The 2016 Lomond History Book Project

The Lomond and District Centennial Book Committee is planning on printing a complete update to the local history book published in 1986.  This quality,  hard cover book will be professionally printed and bound by Warwick Printing of Lethbridge.  It will include stories on businesses,  churches,  schools,  organizations,  sports,  the economy,  family histories and memories of those who have lived in the area and made it their home.  It will chronicle the many changes in the area over the past three decades and be the centerpiece of the July 2016 Lomond Centennial Celebration.


The original Lomond History Book was published in 1966 to celebrate the Golden Jubilee of the incorporation of the Village.  That book primarily covered the lives and times of the earliest settlers.  Demand for additional copies and a need to update information led to the publication of a second hard cover book in 1986 that incorporated the original book with a comprehensive update.  Nearly thirty years have passed since that time.  Many changes have taken place in the community – entire generations have passed away,  new ones have arrived,  farms and businesses have changed hands.  The economy,  infrastructure,  and very social make-up of Lomond and District has dramatically changed.   To celebrate Lomond’s 100th Anniversary in July of 2016 a new history book will be published,  with a complete update from 1986.


Photos, Clippings and Documents:

Family pictures (one or two per story) will  greatly add to the book.  Submitted items will be treated with care,  carefully identified and returned after the book is published.  We ask for either original photos that scan well or (if sent electronically) high resolution photos or high quality scans.  Identify everyone pictured (Top to Bottom – Left to Right) and date the photos.  Writing on the back of photos may damage them so please attach this information to a separate sheet of paper.  Include your full name,  mailing address,  phone number,  e-mail,  and any other pertinent information.


We are looking for your story

Who should submit a story?  We are suggesting that there should be a story in the new book on anyone who lived or worked in the Lomond area for more than one year or who attended school here.  Many early residents have moved away or passed on since the 1986 publication and an item on them should be written,  and a picture included if possible,  completing their story.  Others who have a story in the previous book will want to carry on from where they left off in 1986,   and tell of the changes that have taken place since.  Any families that were left out of the previous books may want to tell their stories “from the beginning” but we encourage writers to avoid going over material again that has been previously printed.  This new book will generally carry on from 1986 and serve as a historical update.

What should I include?          The stories are your own to write but we suggest you consider including:

  • Your full name and maiden name – where you were born and raised.
  • Your family – marriages,  births,  special anniversaries,  deaths,  and dates.
  • Your home – land location – area – topography.
  • Your occupation – jobs you held and local volunteer jobs you assumed.
  • Education,  religion,  hobbies and pastimes.
  • Names of close friends or neighbors.
  • Community interests – sports,  hobbies,  special achievements and events.
  • Agricultural,  ranching,  governmental,  military or business involvement.
  • Natural phenomenon – floods,  fire,  drought,  hail, both success and adversity and the associated impact it had on your family or on the Lomond community.
  • Special stories or memories from the era – especially ones unlikely to be repeated such as participation in the construction of the rink or a water co-op pipeline.
  • Remembrances of special events,  teachers,  activities or characters.
  • One or two pictures (which will be returned) would be appreciated.
  • Please indicate the author of each story.  We suggest one typed page and up to two pictures per family history but realize size of family and amount of material to share will dictate some stories be longer and some shorter.  Due to potential page limitation The Committee reserves the right to edit (not change) stories.

Submission Deadline:

It will take a great deal of work to collect all of the stories and additional material and assemble the book.  The sooner your stories are submitted the better – should changes need to be made to stories submitted early it will likely be possible.  Plan on having your stories and photos to The Committee by July 15 ,  2015 at the latest!


Win A Free Copy!

Name the book and/or design the cover!  This should be a simple sketch or photo!  Send your entries (more than one is acceptable) to the History Book Committee and have your name included in The Acknowledgements!  The selected entry of the cover/and/or title will receive a copy of The History Book!  Deadline for the contest is July 15,  2015.

Pre-order Your Copy Today!

In order to help us determine the cost of the book we ask that you please pre-order your copies if possible so we will know how many books to publish.

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Is now online in a digital format for you to read through.